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Provide the product details of your order that needs to be brought to Canada.

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You can either pick-up the product in Canada or get it delivered to your home address.

Why Shippora?

Highly Rated by Canadians

- Get discounted prices from conventional carriers.
- We have A.I to integrate the who process, so don't worry about missed packages anymore
- A minimum of two trips are done on a daily basis to the U.S.
- Trusted by thousands of Canadians like yourself.

Our Customers Love Us

Rinaldo Samuel

Vintage car spare parts are only available in the U.S. and with the help of Shippora, I don't have to pay high price to ship them to Canada.

Marcus Melva

Shippora is easy to use. The straightforward approach to buying products makes it easy for anyone to use Shippora.

Jahan Arawn

Their customer service is amazing. I have never had problems getting in touch with them at any time of the day. Good work.

Affordable. Fast. Reliable.

We make online shopping from the U.S. a cakewalk for Canadians.